David holding cardsConferences - Magic with a message

Picture the scene...
You have just concluded an intense day of delivering key messages to your top and middle management.

They have changed their clothes and presented themselves in the function room or, more likely, the Bar prior to enjoying an evening including dinner and entertainment. They begin to notice a stranger, formally attired, who is attracting a lot of attention and laughter. He is in fact presenting a dazzling display of pure skill and entertainment at very close quarters.

The delegates adjourn for dinner. Again, during the meal, a ripple of laughter follows the magician as he bewilders the audience with a ten pound note that, before their eyes changes into a £50 note; with ropes, coins and cards that appear to break all the laws of normality. The interesting thing is that most of his magic is different. Not only that but
it is themed to incorporate the key messages that the company wish
to reinforce.

At the end of dinner, the magician walks into the middle of the dance floor and announces,

Ladies and gentleman, you have just seen me do some impossible things before your eyes at very close quarters - I am now going to attempt something which, frankly, you may have heard about but you are unlikely to have seen before. I am going to try and make a table float up into the air. To do this, I need a table - lets call it a board room table and next, of course, I need a Board of Directors”.

The magician then proceeds to gather a ‘Board’ from staff present and explains what they are going to try and achieve.

The conclusion is that, eventually, the table does float BUT only after everyone accepts and understands the key management principles of “working together”, “prime goals”, “everybody in the company counts”, “conviction and motivation” etc. etc.

The atmosphere at the end of the presentation is ‘electric’ and it certainly becomes a talking point, for weeks afterwards, amongst those present.

The magician is David Beckley, a Gold Star Member of The Inner Magic Circle. The table levitation, as an effect, is very rare – David’s performance is unique!

David Beckley
The Dairy House, Manor Farm,
High Street Hardington Mandeville,
Nr. Yeovil Somerset BA22 9PQ

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