Couple getting marriedSpecial Occasions

Weddings are very happy occasions but they do involve a lot of organising – not just before the event but also on the actual day itself.

The Guests are often equally divided between those who are related to or are friends of ‘The Bride’ and similarly for ‘The Groom’.

The important factor is that, apart from immediate family, they do not know each other.

This is where a professional magician can be invaluable.

If, for example, you are having a stand-up ‘finger buffet’ there will always be some who are too shy to mix. David Beckley with his many years of experience, will engage those couples in conversation – he will take a coin or a card or even something as mundane as a matchbox and present a bewildering display of sleight of hand. The response and interaction always attracts interest from those standing nearby. David will ask them to join him and very quickly forms a small group. He asks every body if they know each other and brief introductions take place. He then continues with some more dazzling effects before moving on to find another couple…….

Within a very short space of time the guests are talking to each other and no one feels ‘left out’

‘MAGIC’ is a very powerful tool for bringing people together!

In the hands of an expert like David it is awesome.

You may also be considering a ‘Wedding Breakfast’ i.e. a ‘sit down’ meal.
On these occasions classic ‘Table Hopping’ is a huge favourite with guests being amazed with close-up magic during the meal itself.

If it’s a buffet then again David can entertain the guests whilst they are waiting to join the queue or even whilst in the queue. The key factor is that he has the ability to iron out any slight delays during the meal.

Apart from the pure entertainment aspect David also performs a valuable function as Master of Ceremonies and Toast Master.

David’s commanding presence combined with his excellent knowledge and years of experience enables him to make sure that the Guests are in the right place at the right time. That the speeches are cued in the right order and he can even provide a portable radio microphone outfit if required.

By hiring David Beckley for your wedding you are hiring an entertainer, professional mix and mingle artist, a skilled close-up performer AND an experienced Master of Ceremonies.

Contact David now to discuss your wedding and learn how he can make your special day even ‘more special’.

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